Vegan Ballroom Dance Shoes

My aforementioned “fantastically talented” ballroom dance teacher, Brent Dunn, told me at this week’s lesson that he’d found vegan ballroom shoes online. Amazing because vegan street shoes are pretty darn hard to find, at least vegan shoes advertised as such that I’d actually wear and could afford. If you’ve been bitten by the ballroom bug, check out just one of several vegan shoe options here. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. But save your pennies; the pros ain’t givin’ away the goods!

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Vegan Boots from Aerosoles are Stylish and Comfy "to Boot"

When our beloved “Veggie Dog,” Webster, passed away recently at the age of 16, I indulged in a little retail therapy. The only thing it really improved, though, was my wardrobe.
Still, I was delighted to find that Aerosoles makes stylish–even sexy (especially the “Risky Pizness” pair pictured at top)–and ultra comfortable vegan boots.
If, like me, you’ve found that Internet searches for “vegan/vegetarian shoes/boots” or even “faux leather shoes/boots” turn up limited options, then you may be as delighted as I was to learn of these selections from Aerosoles. Fortunately, a mail order catalogue came to my house and I was able to peruse it. You have to look carefully, though, as many of the boots are real leather and some of the styles come in both leather and faux leather.
In addition to the Risky Pizness pair which I have in faux brown croco (top), I have the “Wonderlust” wedge pair in faux tan leather as shown (center), and I have the “Risotto” pair in “Blue Emb,” a dark denim blue (bottom). When they arrived, I loved the looks of all of them, but feared I wouldn’t be able to wear the two higher pairs. A lot of aerobics in the ’80s (on a padded floor without shoes as insisted upon by the studio owner) has left me with sometimes sensitive joints in my big toes. But I can teach/walk all day in cozy comfort with all of these boots and can’t recommend them enthusiastically enough.
When I purchased my three pairs, they were all on sale and I was able to buy them, including shipping, for $250 total. I thought that was a bargain for shoes that I alternate virtually every day. As of this post, they are still on sale–I believe the discount is even steeper than when I purchased–so if you need a little post-holiday lift, go here and browse under the “boots” tab.
Photo Credit: Aerosoles website
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