Tofutti Vegan Mayo from The Blooming Platter


Tofutti Blooming Platter Mayo
Recently, the good folks at Tofutti asked me to create a vegan mayonnaise using their Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream as a base. Using that product  as a creamy white base, this “mayo”–based on my tofu-based mayo in The Blooming Platter Cookbook–whips together in a flash.
It boasts an appropriately complex yet subtle taste that won’t overwhelm or conflict with other flavors, so you can use it as you would any other homemade or commercially-prepared mayonnaise.  Though I use paprika and turmeric, the mayo takes on just a hint of color as you can see in the photo.
Click on the hyperlink to go to the Tofutti site and access my easy, tasty recipe: Tofutti Mayo (Vegan)
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Vegan Red Wine Onion Jam

My Vegan Red Wine Onion Jam is good with virtually anything, including a spoon. You can also control the texture by how thinly you sliver the onion. You could even dice it instead. And you may cook it down as much as you like. I was starving and didn’t cook it as long as I might have so, in the photo, it may be a little less “pulpy” than you will want yours. Any way you slice or dice it, it is addicting, including as shown with a wedge of my Vegan Brie en Croute and some beautiful red seedless grapes almost identical in color to the jam.


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