Miss P the Snow Bunny

I decided that, for a little puppy parity, I should post this lovely photo of Miss P, our aging Auzzie mix, in yesterday’s snow storm. At 11 with one hip replacement and one reconstruction, this former stray is the best old gal and she can still jump up on our bed.

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  1. Hey Betsy,
    Sorry I haven't posted the hot wings yet…Everything has been crazy lately. I just made a batch of seitan, so I will hop to it and post pretty quick!!!!! Love the pics of your puppies!!!

  2. She's still beautiful. Ethereal even. I still remember the day we found her behind the center. The best thing that ever happened to her was the day she got you. Give her some smooches for me.

    xo, s.

  3. Don't apologize, VV! And no pressure! It's no fun if it feels like an obligation. 🙂 The pups are a joy. Have a great week!

  4. Ethereal. Much more fitting than "best old gal"–ha! She is really a vision and still emotionally impenetrable in some ways. I remember that whole sequence of events like it was much less than 9.5 years ago. Remember, she went home with another staff member first who dropped her back at CAC, and Joe went to pick her up just before it poured? She was lying under that baseball player sculpture and the Chihuly 24-hour guard was trying to send the neighborhood kids packing, but they were gathered protectively around the dog. Sweet. oxo

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