The Mini and Great Danes Rest after a Competition of Super Bowl Proportions

After a rousing game of “pull” this morning, the Danes take a rest. Notice the pull toy is right in the center. It must have been a tie.

Time to change the sheets…

(With all these dog photos, I bet everyone is glad I don’t have children!)

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  1. Thanks! They are just killing me together. And I can't believe how much Minnie has grown until I look back at "baby" pictures from a couple of months ago. Even her head is bigger!

  2. Took me a minute to figure out what was what. . .they are adorable! 🙂

  3. Yes, all things merge into one and a pull toy runs through it! (Do you know that line from "And a River Runs through It"?

  4. I love how they snuggle together.

    xo, s.

  5. It is really dear, but the funny thing about such a scene is what it doesn't tell: if Huff stretches his legs or starts having a dream and twitching in his sleep and bumps Minnie also sleeping, she snaps! As in, she literally tries to bite. It's just a defensive reaction, but it is instant and no joke! She lets out this sharp bark when she does it too, which is quite startling in the middle if the night. I've learned to put something other than one of my limbs between them when she's sleeping near his legs! oxo

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