Fresh Peach Jam–Try It with a Smoked Gouda, Mushroom & Onion Quesadilla (Vegan & plant-based)

This is less of a recipe and more of a recommended–somewhat unexpected–flavor combination, which would also be tasty with a grilled cheese sammie.

A gift from one of my student’s mom’s of fresh South Carolina peaches resulted in the need to do something with the last 2 very ripe ones.

I lead a fairly busy life and I am all about unfussy, but pretty, healthy, and inspiring food these days. So I simply pitted the peaches, popped them into them into my small food processor skin and all, and blended them into a thick, pulpy jam.

That’s it. They were so sweet, with a perfect texture, that they needed nothing else. I thought about putting the jam on pancakes, but I wasn’t in the mood for that much flour.

To make the quesadilla, I simply folded a large tortilla–I like the 50 calorie high fiber variety–into quartets around 1 slice of vegan smoked guda and leftover caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms. I browned it in a nonstick skillet, and topped it with the peach jam and a garnish of halced grape tomatoes and a slice of cucumber.

I served crispy green peas on the side and sprinkled a hint of sea salt over it all because we southerners know that salt makes fruit even sweeter and because it looks so pretty.

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