Vegan Baked "Brie" en Croute (in Puff Pastry) with Vegan Red Wine Onion Jam

Yield: two wheels of vegan “brie”

When I was a vegetarian, one of my guiltiest pleasures was Brie en Croute or brie baked in puff pastry. Good grief that was a lot of calories, fat and cholesterol! I’ve been vegan for a few years now and, while I have made several different vegan cheeses that I love (and have included on this site), I had never attempted my beloved baked brie until today. I think I was afraid it wouldn’t work and I would be inconsolable.

But, I steeled myself and went to work, though it was hardly any work at all. By slightly altering Jo Stepaniak’s vegan brie recipe–essentially omitting the agar and water since I was going to bake mine–the “cheese” came together in a snap in the food processor. And with a fine vegan puff pastry readily available in the freezer section of most grocery stores, courtesy of Pepperidge Farm, the “croute” is a no-brainer too.

Since the base of the “cheese” is tofu and cashews, and since tofu bakes up nicely, there is no chance of oozing and running “seepage,” as there is with diary brie. So there is really nothing to be concerned about. Hot out of the oven it is a glorious thing to behold and it tastes divine on its own or, especially, with grapes and my Vegan Red Wine Onion Jam.

I’ve enjoyed Brie en Croute with all kinds of delicious things baked inside or spooned over the top–e.g. chutney or a pecan praline sauce–but onion jam is so “in” these days and it’s one of my favorite new condiments. You may cook it down as much as you like. I was starving and didn’t cook it as long as I might have so, in the photo, it may be a little less “pulpy” than you will want yours. You can also control the texture by how thinly you slice the onion. You could even dice it instead.

Now, will the taste or texture fool anyone into thinking that this is true dairy brie? No, but it’s so good (and a lot less oily) that no one will care except to be glad that the 8th deadly sin is now practically a virtue.

For this recipe and some 170+ more,
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Spring 2011

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  1. Why didn't I see this before the snow?! I must try this as soon as I get time to make it. It looks so yummy. And did you say red wine onion jam? Yes, Please! This has my name written all over it!

    I hope everything has been excellent for you. 🙂 So happy you have a sweet new addition to your family. Ms. Minnie is precious!

  2. Hey! I've missed you! I just love your style which comes through even in a short written message. This dish is YOU, babe. You and yours will love it. The onion jam would be good on a flip-flop!

    I hope you saw the spinach and chili con queso dips, also good-and-good-for-you for snowy days, not to mention the upcoming "Bowl." Oh, and did you see the "cheese" ball back during the holidays? That's another good one for this time of year and I'll be posting one more later. We're home from school for Day 2, so what's a girl to do but cook?

    All is very well, and I trust the same is true for you. Ms. Minnie is quite the fine addition. I took some photos of her and Huff this a.m. that I may not be able to resist posting. If I had had children, I would be such an obnoxious, "Have I shown you the photos of my kids?" mother.

    Don't be a stranger!

  3. Has it been that long since I posted? I guess it has! I've seen everything though often I catch up with you and your blog in a gluttonous internet binge on all your posts. I most certianly did read the queso dips and I saw the post of wingz. Wherever I am this Sunday for the "Bowl" I hope to have both with me.

    Glad to hear that eveything is going so well. I finally saw your art site and I have to say, it's quite inspiring. I even started a painting last week- which is unusual.

    I love the photos of the puppies (they're always puppies in my mind). So keep em coming! I'll be around and anytime you need a taste-guinea-pig you just let me know!


    ps- I'm have a small bit of difficulty posting. I have to smash the button a few times and yell at it to make it go through. Just FYI 🙂

  4. I didn't know you painted, though I shouldn't be surprised! What kind of imagery are you working with?

    They act like puppies, that's for sure. Sometimes the new dog–the one year old–brings out the pup in Huff and sometimes he makes him seem old and slow by comparison.

    We need to have a big taste fest.

    I'll let my "consultant" know about your difficulties. Was it just this time or all the time? Sorry about that!

  5. Ok, this will be my project for Super Bowl festivities. Wish me luck. I'll report back. It sounds amazing!

  6. You are so cute. Just make sure you make the cheese early enough that it can firm up for the 4 hours. And make sure the dough is thawed, but not warm. 40 minutes is great. It will go together in a snap, but no one will know. Have fun. Can't wait to hear!

  7. Jeni Treehugger

    This sounds wonderful! I'm so happy to have discovered your blog.

  8. I love your name! I'm so happy you have too. I wish I had some of this cheese NOW! Please enjoy and visit often.

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