Vegan Super Bowl Snacks: Vegan Buffalo Wings with Creamy Vegan Blue “Cheez” Dressing

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, I wanted to direct everyone to a post from about this time last year for my finger-licking “no harm, no fowl” Vegan Buffalo Wings. Game on!

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  1. Trinity (of haiku tofu)

    Man I've been on a SERIOUS wings kick lately. Perhaps this will be the third recipe I try this week? 😉

  2. Funny! But with good reason–they're oh-so-good. I hope you like my version. I've made them a few times and I've about decided that I would leave out or reduce the vinegar in the sauce as the blue "cheez" is so tangy that the additional vinegar may be overkill. Let me know what you think!

  3. These look great. My husband and I have not had wings in forever. Does the blue cheese taste like blue cheese? I am going to have to make these this week, to preplan a superbowl menu! Would you mind if I put your wings on my blog???? I would gladly send my viewers to your site to check out your goodies! Thank you!!!

  4. Health and Happiness

    Oooh just in time. I've been looking for vegan party recipes. Thanks!

  5. H&H, I think you'll love these. They are a little bit of a process, but fun and worth the results. They are even male non-vegan approved. 🙂

    Also, that "Cheese" Ball pictured at the bottom of the wing post was literally devoured by non-vegans at a party.


  6. VV~
    I think the blue "cheez" tastes like blue cheese dressing, keeping in mind that I haven't had real blue cheese in years. 🙂 Still vegetarians and non-veg folks love it. I use this same recipe with chunks of firm/extra firm tofu "finger crumbled" in it as the blue cheese on one of my pizza recipes and it works great, so you could even do that here (you'd love that pizza too: poached pears, walnuts, blue "cheez" and an arugula salad on top).

    I would love for you to post the recipe on your blog with credit to TBP. Sharing is what it's all about! I thank you in advance.

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  8. So glad I found your blog. Was lead here by someone on Twitter. I was just craving blue cheese last night I bought some of the Gardein "fried chicken" strips, so am thinking I'll make your buffalo sauce to coat them in, then the blue cheese sause for dip. I like the idea of mixing in a few firm tofu chunks for texture! Great idea. Will definitely put a link on my blog.

  9. Thanks, Kahlilia! I appreciate that so much.

    And, Sallie Ann, I'm glad you found it too! I didn't know about Bunny Bites–very cute–but I've now added your link to my blog roll, "Platter to Platter." Thanks for doing the same.

    I love Gardein, but think it's a little expensive, though no more so than other prepared products. Enjoy with my sauce and dip. Sounds great!

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