My Vegan Thai Biscuit Mini Sandwiches Win “Savory” Grand Prize in National Recipe Contest

Photo: Alisa Fleming
Photo: Alisa Fleming

And the winner is…me!

So Delcious and Go Dairy Free just announced the winners of their “Snackables” national (vegan) recipe contest and my Thai Biscuit Mini Sandwiches won the Grand Prize in the “Savory” category!  These are the perfect mini-meal, packed with flavor and nutrition and cute to boot.

This award is such an honor because I know of their high standards and rigorous vetting process.

Congrats to all winners and runner’s up!  And a huge thanks to So Delicous and Alisa Fleming of Go Dairy Free!


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  1. Anna Nikolasevic

    This is wonderful and well-deserved – congratulations!

  2. Thank you so much, Anna. I was thrilled and thrilled to share this yummy mini-meal!

  3. Your creativity wins again! Your recipes are so original and look fantastic. Even though I “gave up” on being vegan, I continue to follow your blog for the terrific recipes and inspiration! I hope that more awards and happy surprises rain down on you throughout the remainder of the year.

  4. Sybil, that is quite the ringing endorsement: a non-vegan who follows my vegan blog. Thank you! My life, despite the losses, has been an embarrassment of riches, and I thank you for being part of the wealth.

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