Chef Ernesto’s All-Natural Vegan and Vegetarian Foods at..wait for it…Dollar Tree!

As a high school art teacher frequently in need of cheap prizes (fun erasers, pencil sharpenters, etc.) for my “Prize Patrol”–a bin of prizes I award to the winners of art-related competitions during our morning journal entries–I often find myself in Dollar Tree, a locally-grown (get it?) company.  Wherever you live, I hope Dollar Tree has come to your area.  It’s a life-saver for so many occasions.

Recently, I was standing in the checkout line behind a woman who decided that she didn’t want the box of veggie burgers she had picked up.  I quickly said that, if they were vegan, I would be happy to try them.  And they were (though they are called “100% Vegetarian”)!  Chef Ernesto’s Veggie Burgers come two to a box and the box costs, yep, $1, as does everything in the store.

While they are not necessarily the best veggie burgers I have ever eaten–the texture is a bit soft for my taste–they are respectable and right tasty.  A little spicy, they are packed with recognizeable veggies, but they are also a little oily (though they contain no trans fat or saturated fat).  So they definitely aren’t plagued by dryness, as so many brands are.  I would recommend blotting them on paper towels before serving, and I would heat them in a skillet rather than the microwave for a hint of crunchiness on the exterior.

Each all-natural pattie contains 130 calories and, at 5 grams, not terribly packed with protein but, again, for 50 cents a burger, they are a bargain and I will likely be purchasing more.  The vegan line also includes Vegetable Samosas and Battered Mushrooms (that look breaded to me), so, if you have access to a Dollar Tree, check them out and let me know what you think.

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  1. I just noticed these at one of my local dollar tree stores here in Las Vegas. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My curiosity got the best of me and I purchased 4 boxes. I must say these have sort of a different taste but as you stated they are a little spicy. For the price I am going to be picking up more in the future. On the box it does state product of India. You can surely tell they were made there by the taste. I agree they weren’t too bad!

  2. Same here, Mike! I’m with you…they were good enough to make the occasional appearance on my plate when time is short. So glad to have your affirmation because it was a pretty unexpected discovery. And funny about “Chef Ernesto” making his products in India–ha! I hadn’t noticed the country of origin, but Indian is among my favorite cuisines. If you try any of the other products, please be sure to let us know. Cheers!

  3. These vegetarian, All Natural appetizers have all pronounceable ingredients. There are no gums, starches or fillers just real vegetables.

    They are best value for money.

    I recently tried Chef Ernesto French toast sticks, they were Yummy.

    Chef Ernesto creators have created great products, which are non GMO and will go a long way.

  4. Thanks, Bob. I’m impressed so far. And your ringing endorsement makes me want to try more of the products. Just wanted to mention that the product I tried was definitely vegan. Yay!

  5. When I see made in India I eat confidently knowing quality will be good, the higher spice level is only drawback but I have got used to it and love it. Unfortunately I need to stock these as they are always sold out I dont know if any other store sells these I would also like to try the samosa if they are not spicy

  6. Indian cuisine tops my list, Michael. And I find the samosas pleasantly spicy.

  7. Betsy, do you know where I can find the Samosas? I literally tried all the dollar tree stores near me, do any other store carry Samosas and veggie burger. My family has got so addicted to the burger but the restocking at Dollar Tree seems very random. I tried couple of Indian store they have fantastic rage of other vegan options but dont carry “Chef Ernesto” products. Have you tried Bhagwati’s Dhokla – its delectable 2$ I am still yet to figure out which category of food it falls under looks-feels like pancake or may be an indian dessert.

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