Silverware Starburst Wreath–Perfect for a Culinary-centric Christmas!

Starburst Silverware WreathFor the last three years–ever since my mother-in-law, sadly, passed away and we no longer receive an LL Bean wreath from her–I have made my own for my “DIY Décor” column in the “Home” section of the Virginian-Pilot.

The first year, I made it from a ceiling medallion I painted silver.  The second year, from paint stirrers, painted silver and dipped in apple green paint.

And this year from thrift store silverware glued (with E6000 adhesive) to a wooden clock face from the craft store painted green.

My projects are always simple, straightforward, stress-free, and pretty self-explanatory, mostly due to little time or desire to fuss around with things.  So, choose one–or adapt one–and make your own!

Happy Holidays!

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