The Blooming Platter (Vegan) Cookbook Oversold at Old Beach Farmer’s Market “Christmas Market 2012”–Thanks to All!

Many thanks to the generous organizers and patrons of the Old Beach Farmers Market “Christmas Market” on December 15 at Croc’s Eco-Bistro in VA Beach.  What a convivial and festive community event!  I was honored to be invited to be a part, and gratified to have sold out of my Blooming Platter Cookbooks by 10:30 a.m (the market closed at noon)!

I even had to procure more books to fill my last orders, as I’d oversold–a nice problem to have.

And what fun to be given a tent to share with the inimitable Ann Callis, co-author of the beautiful Vintage North End, Virginia Beach: An Illustrated History.  Everyone with ties to Hampton Roads needs a copy of this book and an opportunity to meet the engaging author.

Again, thanks to all for your generosity and hospitality!

Happy Holidays!

~betsy d.

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