My Favorite Way to Celebrate Earth Month (May) is Recycled Fashion!

Consignment Dress, Necklace, Shoes and Scarf-2Recycled fashion is my favorite way to celebrate Earth Month and, okay, every month. 🙂

My preferred venues are consignment stores, though I have had a little luck at thrift stores.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping–I like to dash into my two favorite consignment stores on the way home from Saturday morning yoga–and thrift stores require a bit more looking.

So, after yoga yesterday, I stopped in both Double Take and Worth the Wait looking for whatever, but needing a wrap to wear last night to a dance concert.

The dress (Fire Los Angeles) and necklace I wore–which drew compliments from strangers–came from Double take last spring. And the vegan shoes (Nine West) came from one or the other; I can’t remember which.

When I was at the counter purchasing the dress, I looked down into a jewelry case and spotted the necklace.  Though the pieces came from different consignors, they were brilliant together!  When a pairing like that is laid before you, it would be irresponsible not to accept the “gift”…or so my thinking goes.  🙂

Last year, I was taking the ensemble to San Miguel over Spring Break where our friend, Federico Correa, opened an art gallery, so I didn’t need a wrap.  Here, though, the nights are still a wee bit cool and, certainly, performance venues can be a bit chilly.  My next stop, Worth the Wai,t is currently sporting a wall of beautiful long, wide scarves.  They were new, but they were perfect.  So, I chose one in a lovely aqua-teal color, but when I got to the counter, I noticed there was a “run” in the fabric.  There were no more scarves in that color, so I went to study the rainbow of choices again.

I hadn’t memorized all the colors in the dress before I left, so I was unsure.  But my eyes lit on a multicolored striped one that I could almost swear contained ALL of the right colors.  It would be a bold contrast and striking statement if it did; and an utter disaster if it didn’t.  But I trusted my instincts, bought it, brought it home holding my breath, and it was perfect!

There are still 3 more  weeks to celebrate Earth Month.  So do it in style!

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  1. Good scores, and very chic and summery!

  2. Thanks, Bry! And I didn’t spend a fortune…though the necklace cost more than the other itmes and may be almost more than I’ve ever paid in a consignment store…or any store, come to think of it! But worth it.

  3. Love the colors, Betsy! It all suits you very well! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Val! I wear a lot more colour and pattern than I did five or so years ago…and I luck into the niftiest pieces at consignment stores. Are there any where you are?

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