Blooming Platter Vegan Kale Pierogi with Sweet Potato Filling Published on Go Dairy Free

Kale PierogiMy delish Vegan Kale Pierogi with Sweet Potato Filling was published today on Go Dairy Free–and with it’s green filling, it’s perfect for St. Pat’s Day.

After a brief warm spell, we have winter storms here again in VA, so the kale and sweet potato combo–two of my cold weather favorites–will warm you from the inside out!

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  1. That kale pierogi looks delicious! Congratulations with the feature!

  2. Thanks and thanks! When I got the mixing method right–so that the dough wasn’t tough–I have to admit, I think they were perfect. Enjoy!

  3. This looks SO good! So many of I love perogies, kale, sweet potato and caramelized onions, and you’ve put them all together in luscious little packages!

  4. We seem to love all the same things!

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