Vegan Fish Tacos

Yield: 4 Tacos

Few things suggest summer in warm coastal areas more than fish tacos. One bite and you can almost feel the ocean breezes. For the uninitiated, a fish taco consists of a crispy-chewy fried corn tortilla folded around beer-battered fish fillets, finely shredded cabbage and a creamy sauce redolent of capers and cumin. In my vegan version, “seafood” seitan replaces the fish. While seitan cannot be described as “white and flaky” like the cod typically used in fish tacos, when all of the other components meld together with the seitan, the result is just as tasty. Though traditional fish tacos are beer battered (as in this photo), if you prefer your fried foods breaded, I include directions for breading inspired by the way my parents fry fish (see photo in the subsequent post). They dip the fillets in yellow mustard and then in flour or cornmeal. (I use Panko bread crumbs for extra crispiness.) You can’t believe how juicy and flavorful the “fish” is without tasting like a hot dog. If you choose to batter your fillets, they will feel a little “sturdy” when you remove them from the oil. However, when you bite into them, they will taste light. Don’t be put off by what seems like long instructions. These tacos are really very simple and quick once the seitan is cooked, despite the number of steps.

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  1. This looks good, I have a question though:

    Could I use tofu in the stock instead of seitan?

  2. They really are delicious and that’s a great question. My hunch is that you could use “firm” or “extra firm,” but that you might not simmer it as long. (My all-time favorite way to prepare tofu is to freeze it, thaw it, squeeze it out, marinate it and then cook it however you like. However, that makes it chewier–like meat–and since fish isn’t chewy, you wouldn’t freeze it.) Sorry I don’t have a definite answer for you. But, if you experiment, please post the result!

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