Crash the Superbowl Snack Recipe #5: Vegan Queso Con Carne Dip

This hearty Vegan Queso Con Carne Dip is an oldie but goodie, and the essence of traditional Superbowl snacking.

Though this recipe lacks the seasonal influence of most of my other recipes, like those in The Blooming Platter Cookbook, frozen corn, soy crumbles, soy milk, and nutritional yeast makes it nutritious, and onions, green chilies, Ro-tel tomatoes, and a host of Mexican spices insures that it is fragrant and addicting.

Even though our dog Huff is co-starring in a “Crash the Superbowl” Doritos commercial. I like this “Queso” served with Frito “Scoops” to do just what the name says.  And I don’t feel too badly, as Frito-Lay makes both products.

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  1. Betsy, that dip looks awesome but the link to the recipe didn’t work when I clicked on it.


  2. Thanks for letting me know, Lee!

    There was something super squirrely going on with that link, but it is fixed now. [When I first went to the recipe to get the link, there was odd code in the title and the photo wasn’t available, so I corrected the title and went blindly on. After you alerted me, I tried three different links (short, perma, etc.) and none worked. So, I re-inserted the photo and then grabbed the shortlink. That was all it took. I’m grateful to you because this recipe is too good to pass up!)

    Knowing how much you love your “comfort food,” I think you should make a recipe right now. 🙂


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