The Art of the Vegan

The lovely Lauren Rogers Museum in my hometown of Laurel, MS, is holding an art auction for which they wanted artwork created by people with ties to the town. They asked my mom if I would be willing to make a piece and, of course, I was happy to. So they mailed me an 8 x 10″ canvas on which I could paint anything. I was stumped because I wanted it to be “pretty” enough to sell, but I’m not one to make merely decorative art. This image came to me, kind of all at once, but only after I’d been ruminating on an idea for a while. It’s an intentionally ambiguous statement about what we eat, what we don’t, what we protect and what we choose not to. I’d love to know what you think.

Art Credit: Untitled, by Betsy DiJulio, acrylic and mixed-media on canvas, 2010

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  1. I love that when I click on the image it blows up and covers the whole screen so that I can really investigate the, is it monoprinting in the back ground? I find the repeat pattern very wonderful. I enjoy it as a backdrop to the glass house, spoon and nest…also the aged silverware is, for me, a reference to times gone by, visits to ancestors and the juxtaposition of nest/house and the importance of being nurtured.
    Your blue hues and the warmth of the clay colors always make me feel comforted…so earthy and so natural.
    The piece is soothing for my eye…thanks for posting it.

  2. The ground is pieces of wallpaper, along with, actually, rubber stamping. I just used acrylic on the stamp instead of ink. You are so perceptive. The silverware was given to us by my mother when we got married and is certainly a reference to family heritage. I'm enjoying working in neutral colors with little blushes, or sometimes "pops" of color. I'm glad they work for you because I trust your opinion implicitly. Thank you so much for the time you've lavished on this little painting through your looking and thinking.

  3. Hi Betsy, I find this piece very appealing!! I love all the layers, beginning with the warm tones in the back ground, and the repeat pattern which helps to set a peaceful tone for me. Then there is a feeling of nostalgia with both the style of silverware and the back ground pattern, bringing me homey comfort, along with the nest – the ultimate symbol of nurturing comfort. I love that there is tension (for me) as well though, with the 'glass' house – a home of transparency is a bit scary, and so is the idea of a nest with an egg in it, sitting in the bowl of a spoon – gulp!! It's a beautiful and generous donation piece – someone will get great joy from it, I'm sure.

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