Vegan Home Decor: My New "Glen Livet" Line

A couple of days ago, I went into my husband’s man cave to retrieve some brandy for cooking (I have to do it when he’s not home because I always go for the good stuff). There I discovered a solid wood four-sided Glenlivet box on the floor to be discarded. Not! It was crying out to become a shadow box. So, in about 5 minutes, a shadow box it was.

I’m home on Spring Break this week and tending to lots of household projects. Yesterday, I had three different sets of workman in and out, so I decided to make good use of my home-bound status.

The box had a circular depression in the bottom, perfect for a bud vase. I chose to use an empty Franglica bottle with the label removed. The box also had a circular hole cut in the top through which flowers or bamboo or whatever could extend. I don’t keep faux flowers around, but I had one stem with sentimental value: they were left over from a headband I’d had to make for a recent special occasion. (I’ve hinted at this previously and more on it soon when I receive the disk of photos.)

All I did was pop a sawtooth hanger on the top back of the box, a couple of wall protectors on the bottom back corners, and a picture hook in the wall above our *new bar. Then, I set the bottle in place, inserted the flowers and hung it. That’s it. Done!

Now that’s my kind of project.

*The new bar was one of those projects with which some of you will hopefully identify: I woke up last Friday at 5 a.m., with house guests coming that night, thinking that I simply couldn’t stand it another minute if I didn’t convert our breakfast bar into a bar-bar. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how my motivation comes: with a vengeance.

Pieces of this plan had been brewing for a while, but absent specifics. So I got up, crept downstairs, emptied out the breakfast bar cabinets and cleared the counter; transferred bar ware, tools, bottles and such from one cabinet and a metal cart to the new bar; and found new homes for the cart and everything I had removed from the breakfast bar. I love the look and I loved being able to move that cart out of the kitchen and into my new (wo)man cave (more on that later)–really opened up the space at the end of the kitchen peninsula. This week, thinking that some of the items on the bar would look more cohesive collected on a tray, I found the perfect simple, modern white platter with integrated handles at Bed, Bath and Beyond (or Bed, Bath and B— S—, as my husband calls it).

So, now, my bar project, too, is done and though it took longer than 5 minutes, it was pretty quick–I had to be at school at 7 the day I did the bulk of it–and resulted in several spaces looking and functioning just how I want them…I’ll drink to that! (The funny thing about all of this is that I’m not a big drinker at all. I enjoy wine with a meal and the occasional holiday soymilk punch, but that’s about it.)

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  1. sounds like you've made fine use of your 'home bound' days! I was soooo hoping to get in a walk with the hounds but I was not off this week 😉
    Hey…I also LOVE your perfect vegan typo in the first line …spring bread indeed…

  2. Keri - I Eat Trees

    Okay, now that is awesome!! I LOVE it; you're so creative!

  3. Merci33~

    Yes, and I have three more to go! A walk with you and hounds would have been wonderful, but working's good too, no?

    Type-o corrected, but I actually liked it, once you pointed it out.

  4. Keri~
    I just love YOUR enthusiasm. Thank you! I have a feeling it's the good folks at Glen Livet who are creative…surely they had that box made knowing it would have other household uses.

    We have this blown glass olive oil dispenser that looked really beautiful in the box too, but that wouldn't have made use of the hole in the top which was too good to ignore.

    I'm really to hit the liquor store and see what other containers I can repurpose!

  5. Very fun project you clever woman you!! The box really is a cool design, having that hole to utilize. The bar sounds great, too. I'll take some of your follow through energy please. Having ideas I'm pretty good with – actually bringing them to life? not so much 🙂

  6. Oh, I bet that's not true! In my lines of work–which tend to consume all of my time–having blocks of "free" time like Spring Break or even Memorial Day means that if you want to accomplish other things, you go into blitz mentality. Sometimes it's as simple as starting–and finishing–a book! I read Loving Frank last year on Memorial Day because I was committed to reading it and that's how much time I had. I've spent a lot of time this week creating "systems/storage solutions" and putting them into place because once I've got the system, I'm pretty good at maintaining. But when I don't have a system, even for a small project, I end up with a situation like I'm going to rectify today and tomorrow in one area of my office-studio, or like our entire garage which I've spent part of most days this last week reclaiming. So satisfying! So overdue!

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