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  1. Annie Carbonneau


    I wrote a book that was published on Amazon about veganism in general (including the health benefits), using the abolitionist approach. I would like to know two things. One, is it possible for you to help me promote the book in order to spread the word as much as possible, and two, do you offer grants to writers?

    Here is a link to the book itself. If you do not want to support me directly, could you send this to as many people as you can (and want to) in order to give a small hand with marketing? I’d really appreciate it!

    What would help me the most right now would be receiving five-star ratings for my book! If you wish to post the link somewhere on your site (or on your FB page), that would help enormously as well. My book contains only 64 pages, which could very well be what some people are looking for in order to get the info they need to become vegan. Please note that it is available in Kindle Unlimited.

    Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.

  2. Hi there. First, I wish you the best of luck. Second, could you define abolitionist approach? Third, I can’t endorse anything that I haven’t seen. I don’t own a Kindle, so are there promo copies available? Unfortunately, I do not offer grants to writers. I am a freelance writer myself. 🙂 (And an artist + full-time art/art history teacher.)

  3. On the Vegan Chess Pie Recipe:
    What kind of gluten free flour can I substitute for the (1/2 cup flour) ?
    Thanks Meredith Davis

  4. Gosh, Meredith, I wish I could direct you with certainty. I am so sorry, but I am not a gluten free recipe developer and it was super tricky to obtain exactly the right texture. The first try was an epic fail and I would hate for you to experience the same. I have created a recipe for GF chocolate chip cookies that used chickpea flour. Maybe try that? Another that really absorbs a lot of moisture is Coconut Flour. Please let me know if either works and good luck!

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