Vegan Cookbook Author Loves Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cooking Utensils

The truth is that I actually loved my wooden spoons and cooked with them almost exclusively.  That is, until Minnie, the miniature Great Dane destroyed them. 

I came home one afternoon to find splintered wood in a small pile in our den.  There was one piece that puzzled me: it was perfectly cylindrical and smooth as could be.  I didn’t figure out what it was until I went looking for my wooden spoon and it was nowhere to be found.  That one belonged to my late paternal grandmother.  Irreplaceable.  My mother had tied it onto the top of a Christmas package years ago and I treasured it. 

When I told Mama what happened, she gave me one of hers.  But I didn’t learn;  Minnie destroyed that one too.  She apparently retrieved them off the dish drainer where, I suppose, though washed, they still had a residual aroma and taste of something delectable to her, though her palate isn’t very discriminating.

Incidentally, yesterday I heard a strange sound, like something had fallen, but I couldn’t find whatever it was until this morning when I encountered another splintered mini-pile of wood.  Years ago in a sculpture class, I made a wall relief piece out of tea boxes.  Our power has gone out several times this week due to storms and perhaps the humidity caused the two boxes to come apart sending them plummeting to the floor.  Once again, I suppose they still gave off a residual aroma or taste.  See the photos at the bottom of this post for the before and after.  Have I mentioned that Minnie is a brat?  Loveable, but a brat just the same.

So, alas, I was in T. J. Maxx yesterday and snagged a very inexpensive bag of bamboo untensils ($3.99 for five) which I “test drove” last night.  I love the way they “handled,” and I LOVE that they are made from a sustainable plant.  If yours ever need replacing, I highly recommend bamboo!

"Order" Tea Box Wall Relief by Betsy DiJulio
"Order" Tea Box Art after Minnie "Reordered" It
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  1. Oh wow. All that wood can’t be good for Minnie’s stomach. Has she ever gotten sick from destroying your stuff?

    Also I think I might have the same set of bamboo utensils from TJ Maxx. 🙂 I love how easy bamboo is to clean.

  2. Ash~You’re right, but the pile of “kindling” was so big that I don’t think she swallowed much or any of it…there were no signs you know where. 🙂 The only time she got sick–and it was a Stanley Steemer event–was from eating 2 1/4 cups of canola oil out of the skillet! I was letting it cool on the back of the stove, but her tall self had no trouble getting to it and seemed unfazed by any residual heat! She also got into 14 ounce of dark chocolate the first week we had her. That was terribly scary, though she seemed not to know what all the fuss was bout. I had to rush her to the emergency vet where they gave her an injection to make her vomit and a charcoal slurry to absorb any residual chocolate. It’s funny now, because the really young, really professional, and really kind vet came out to reassure me that she would be okay, saying, “Judging from the look of my floor back there, I’d say there is no chocolate left inside your dog.” That’s probably TMI, but thank you for inquiring about my girl!

  3. Oh, and you’re right, Ashley: bamboo cleans beautifully. It must be something about how slick the surface is. Happy bamboo cooking!

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