Another Vegan Recipe from The Blooming Platter Featured in FARM’s "Meatout Monday" eNewsletter

The folks at FARM, including my contact, Cindi Saadi, are such great supporters of The Blooming Platter. Once again this week, they featured the following recipe in their Meatout Mondays eNewsletter:

Vegan Black Bean, Roated Corn and Orange Salad with Vegan Cumin-Citrus Dressing and Vegan Sweet and Spicy Paprika Pecans

They do important work and are great people to work with, so I hope you might visit their site and consider signing up for their eNewsletter, joining their organization or whatever suits you. (There is also a link to them under “Important Platters” in my sidebar). If you are interested in their animal rights conference this July in D.C., please click on the banner at the top of my sidebar.

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