The Blooming Platter Cookbook–Author-Hosted Giveaway

This book could be yours!

The beginning of a new season seems like the perfect time to offer a giveaway of my brand new cookbook: The Blooming Platter Cookbook: A Harvest of Seasonal Vegan Recipes.

So, in celebration of the official beginning of summer on Tuesday, June 21, the “summer solstice,” I will be announcing one winner.

Since there are three “Big Burgers of Summer” recipes in the book–My Big Fat Vegan Burger; The Big Easy Burger; and The Big Kahuna Burger–I thought it would be fun for contestants to enter with their favorite vegan burger toppings for summer barbecues.  Basic or beyond, we want to hear about it!

Here’s all you need to do to enter:  Click on the link above and “like” the book on Amazon (“look inside” and read reviews); then add a comment to this post mentioning that you’ve “liked” the book AND sharing whatever your favorite burger topping happens to be.

Spread the word!  The contest ends at midnight on June 20.  And it starts…now!

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  1. I’ve “liked” the book on Amazon and my favorite burger toppings are relish and tomato =)

  2. The book looks great! There are so many nice photo’s on too.

    My favorite burger topping are slices of avocado! I can never get enough avocado.

  3. I’ve liked the book on Amazon and my fav toppings for burgers are grilled peppers,onions and mushrooms..YUMMY!

  4. I “liked” the book (love the seasonal foods part!)
    For burgers, I NEED ketchup and some yummy vegan cheese. Fakin’ bacon wouldn’t hurt, either, and some pickles, usually dill!

  5. I have also “liked” your book! I am very excited to explore it. I have loved your recipes in your blog and those published in the Pilot. As for burger toppings… chipotle peppers, garden fresh tomato, and avacado!

  6. I “liked” your book so much much I’m excited for the chance to maybe win a copy! (Amazon knows it too) I adore fresh, ripe summer tomatoes, mushrooms, and avacado slices for a yummy burger. Mmmmmarvelous book!

  7. Liked your book! My current favorite burger topping is raw, organic kimchi from a local producer. Yum!

  8. I “liked” it!

    I love love love adding caramelized onions to my burgers. It takes a little extra prep time to make them, but it’s so worth it!

  9. I “liked” the booked on amazon, I posted this on my FB page too. Burger toppings. Smashed avocado or BBQ onions. Funny thing I’m not a vegan at all. I would love to win this book. I think it would be a great tool for me to transition from meat/animal protein based diet to plant based diet. It’s been almost 2 whole weeks for me no meat no dairy, lol = )

  10. I “liked” the book on Amazon.

    My favorite toppings on my burgers includes: roasted bell peppers, grilled eggplant, and avocado .

  11. liked the book on amazon!!! and the burgers? depends on my mood…..melty vegan cheese, topped with fried onions and sliced tomato and relish with that!
    the book would be a good inspiration to me….loved the peek inside!

  12. I “liked” your book on Amazon too. For me, the best burger toppings have to be salsa-guacamole, with tons of diced onions [no need for big slices that pull out an slap your chin with guac!!]. I love tomatoes too, but prefer them on the side with a huge dollop of hummus on top. =) YUM!

  13. I am a fairly new Vegan Striving to get off all my Diabetes medication and would Love to have a copy of your book!

  14. I “Liked” the book on Amazon. Some of the recipes sound very tempting! My favorite topping lately has been a yummy tofu feta that I just recently started making. Along with fresh garden tomatoes and Vadalia onions. Yum!

  15. Ive “liked” the book on amazon.. cause I really do! 😀 Love that its informative and seasonal.
    My most fav topping for a boiger is grilled onions,lettuce,mustard,and ketchup (I dont eat mustard or ketchup but if I did and when I did..that was it! :D)

  16. Martin Schreiner

    I liked it! I’m a big fan of the lavender/herbes de provence infused olive oil from Savor the Olive at Hilltop. We make our own roasted tomatoes and then float them in it until we use them. Im also a fan of a chunky cilantro, red onion, and lime zest guacamole with the lavender tomatoes (and of course good old grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms in EVOO splashed with a good red wine). Now I want a burger and its past 9pm. (Grr)

  17. I “liked” the book on amazon.
    For burgers, I need a lot of ketchup and grilled peppers

  18. I liked your seasonal approach, and especially since you are in Virginia and your seasons align with mine.
    The toppings I like on vegan burgers depend on what make my burger out of–for example, a tofu burger would have mint, cilantro, Thai basil, vegan mayo, and hot sauce. a Boca Burger, sauteed mushrooms, onions, and lettuce. A chick pea burger could have Harissa, vegan mayo, cucumbers, and mint.

  19. In the last seconds…. It’s a beautiful book, can I design one? Like it… I LOVE it. And I love bleu cheese and a thick crust of seared black pepper on my “burger”.



  20. Hope I’m not too late to enter! Just liked it on Amazon.Looks such a great book, I especially like the seasonal emphasis. As for burger toppings I like grilled veggies, hummus and salsa!

  21. So sorry, Emma…the contest ended at midnight last night and I’ve already chosen/announced the winner. Darn! I love your way of topping a burger! Hope you’ll manage to snag a copy of the book some other way. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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