My Vegan Bangkok Black Rice Salad with Fresh Peach is Published by One Green Planet (This is NOT the rice salad of days gone by!)

Somewhere, there is a juicy summer peach out there just waiting for you to make this gloriously colorful and breathtakingly flavorful salad.

Find my surprisingly simple recipe at One Green Planet.

Don’t keep that peach waiting!


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  1. I have been looking for a black rice recipe that really appeals to me and I think this is it!

  2. How sweet, Bryanna…I hope it is. It is scrumptious regardless, but I do think that the Asian basil (Thai or Vietnamese) gives it that special and authentic little somethin-somethin’. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds divine!! However, I have tried, from two computers, to print recipe, from One Green Planet…and it is obliterated by advertisements and words and I cannot see the recipe. Maybe they just want us to lust over it, not actually make it. Or maybe there is a copyright issue and they don’t want us to print. If I ever get the urge to write it down I will most definitely try it. Beautiful recipe.

  4. Good grief! I’m so glad you told me. I had no idea, but I do know they recently redesigned their site. I am going to send you the recipe via email. But I am also going to share your feedback with the editor and see what he says in hopes of getting some kind of resolution. They definitely want people to be able to print their recipes. One question, though: how did you try to print it? After I received this comment from you, I went to their site to see what happened when I tried to print, but I didn’t even see a print button. Thanks for any information you can provide.

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