Vegan Guacamole (or Vegan Knock-offamole) with Homemade Vegan Flour Tortilla Chips

Yield: approximately 2 cups

There is nothing “unvegan” about traditional guacamole but, unfortunately, I developed either a food sensitivity or an allergy to avocados in my 20s. It was a sad day, as I was born in Texas and loved my mom’s “guac.” But, recently, when I was making my Vegan Pea, Pistachio and Fresh Tarragon Hummus, I was struck by how similar the color and texture of the pureed peas was to mashed avocado.

So, with May peas still in season, I bought a pint at Stoney’s outdoor market, pureed them, and folded in all the traditional quacamole ingredients. I don’t think the resulting dip would fool anyone, but it is really delicious and very pretty with ruby red tomatoes dotting the creamy green puree.

Even if you can eat avocados with no ill effect, I think you’ll enjoy having this recipe in your repertoire for a little something different or when fresh peas are in season. It’s delicious plain and in quesadillas.

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  1. Yum–this sounds great! I have made a "broccomole" before using broccoli, but never thought to use peas! I bet that is much more creamy than broccoli.


  2. It probably is more creamy, but who can resist the name "broccomole"?!

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