On the First Day of Christmas…Vegan Kale, Toasted Hazelnut and Orange Pesto Topped with Savory Dried Cherry and Walnut Chutney and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Merry Christmas a day early everyone! 

This recipe is a three-fer and may require a quick nip into the grocery store, so I wanted you to have a time to procure the ingredients before Christmas arrives because this little nosh packs big flavor and is exactly how my family prefers to eat on Christmas Day.  Or you might even want to serve it tonight for Christmas Eve with your favorite beverage or imbibement.

Back in the day, my family loved a big feast.  Now we nosh.  But, regardless, this tri-level treat will be lovely alongside whatever else you serve.

My special Toasted Pumpkin Seeds don’t absolutely have to go on top, but I love nuts and seeds, so if a (wal)nut plus a (hazel) nut is good, a nut plus a seed is even better.  Therefore, you can just put out a bowl of the seeds for nibbling, then stand back and watch them disappear.

Along those lines, any one of the three parts of this stacked appetizer has a multitude of uses, so let your imagination and the rest of your menu be your guide.

May you have exactly the kind of holiday you need!

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  1. Happy Holidays Betsy! That triple decker masterpiece looks so yumful. I love your hoecakes and chutney so I will definitely need to try this! Cheers! 🙂

  2. You too! “Yumful.” Great word! You can tell I like to layer it up! I was visiting my family over Xmas, and I made a version of this only I used my mom’s raw cranberry and orange relish that she or my sister makes every year (the oranges go in skin and all). We all enjoyed it several times as a “sidecar” to various soups I made (my family loves soup!), including on Xmas when we had a (vegan) nontraditional meal built around my mom and aunt’s Cancun Black Bean Soup. Hope yours was merry…have a Happy New Year!

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