Happy New Year from The Blooming Platter! A Sparkling Vegan Twist: Rosemary-Infused Sparkling Wine

Today’s post is a toast to all of you faithful Blooming Platterists.  May your generosity and support be returned to you many times over in the coming year and beyond!

This “recipe” embodies much of what I wish for my culinary life in 2012: exquisite beauty and indulgent flavors along with ordinary moments made extraordinary with very little fuss.

Not really a recipe, but just a simple method, I “invented” it while sipping Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) before dinner on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants: Terrapin.  (Despite the “fishy” name, they prepare exquisite vegan food.)

On each table was a diminutive pot of fresh rosemary.  On a whim, I pinched off a little stalk and dropped it into my glass.  Not only was the faintly piney aroma and very subtle shift in flavor absolutely irresistible and seductive.  But the way the tiny bubbles clustered around each of the rosemary fronds and flickered in the candlelight was sheer magic.

Happy New Years, everyone!

Holiday note:  Continue to receive 25% off the list price on The Blooming Platter Cookbook just through December 31.



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