Vegan Cookbook Author Scored in Her Neighborhood Thrift Store

Veganism and sustainability go hand-in-hand.  What easier way to embrace sustainability, in this case, preventing discards from entering the waste stream, than through thrift store shopping?

As a frugal recycler–and who isn’t even a little frugal in this economy?–I love good thrift stores (and consignment stores) almost more than antique stores.  Yes, I am my mother’s daughter when it comes to antique stores, but thrift stores–as long as they don’t have “that” odor (you know the one)–are ridiculous in terms of prices.

I rarely purchase clothes in thrift stores–though I hardly own a stitch of clothing or pair of shoes that didn’t come from a consignment store–but when I drop off donations, or when I’m looking for something like board games or still life objects for my students, I always make a spin through the housewares.

This week  I scored big with this signed ceramic vase that seems made for our home.   About 8-inches tall and a sort of flattened shape, its clay body is terracotta and its surface decoration small slightly raised and slightly irregular cobalt blue squares  that create a checkerboard pattern.  I put it in our den which is painted a terracotta color, as you see in the photo, with a few cobalt blue and orange accents.

The colors were pulled out of a “crazy quilt” that my mother made me when I graduated with my M.A. , and she had never made a quilt before.  She made it from  fabrics from which either she or I had sewn clothing as I was growing up (another take on recycling).  I was so touched.  It is one of my top 3 cherished objects, partially because she made it, but also because it’s gorgeous.  However, I have to admit, when I first saw it, I thought the color palette of mostly cobalt blue, orange, terracotta, minty green, off-white, and black was going to be challenging to work with.  Turns out it’s fresh and unique, and a lot of fun to build around.

Back to the vase…guess what I paid for it?  Only $2.98!   So, go green: go thrifting!

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  1. I have always loved, loved, loved that quilt. Gorgeous! And what a great find at the thrift store.

  2. I’ll tell Mama. It is gorgeous, but she doesn’t have much confidence about it. Can you believe she actually wanted me to put it on the bed and use it? We only had a cat at the time, but still! I can’t remember when I was so excited over a $2.98 purchase! oxo

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