Vegan Calzones

Yield: 4 servings

Get in the “zone”…the “calzone“! Until recently, I had never made calzones, and any one I had ever ordered in a restaurant was doughy and heavy. However, I recently had a fresh veggie calzone at zPizza. The veggies were perfectly al dente, the vegan mozzarella quite good, and the crust surprisingly thin, light and crisp-tender. Knowing it could be done, I decided to try making one using my trusty pizza dough recipe reputed to be California Pizza Kitchen’s. I loved the results and think you will too.

Pizza dough is so ridiculously easy and quick to make (most of the time is hands free rising time) that I can think of few reasons to purchase it. I spent years intimidated by the prospect of “killing” the yeast with water that was too warm or not activating it with water that was too cool. “Quick Rise” or “Rapid Rise” yeast removes that concern.

Note that, while I use fresh herbs in most recipes, I used dried in this case because of the high cooking temperature. If you like a gooey filling, feel free to substitute shredded vegan mozzarella for my “cheeze“. For caloric and economic reasons, I like to make my own which, granted, would not fool anyone into thinking it is mozzarella, but I still like it very much.

Though it as delicious as is, you should consider this recipe also as a springboard to your own tasty creations by mixing and matching ingredients of your choice such as artichokes, olives and even vegan sausage, or some less traditional choices. Get creative and please share your winning combinations!

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  1. I have a vegan challenge for you!
    One of my faaavorite recipes when I was in England was Welsh rarebit (or Welsh rabbit), which is kind of like cheese on toast, but the cheese mixture has a bechamel base, and you can serve it with tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce (Garden of Vegan has a recipe for vegan Worcestershire sauce). It's such a great comfort food, lunch, tea time snack, and I miss it so! Anyway, I challenge you to create a vegan version! If you're not too busy of course. Let me know how it goes!
    -Eve Grice

  2. Hi Eve~
    So nice to hear from you! And I love a good challenge. Joe and I just walked in the door from London about a half hour ago, so your timing is excellent! As a vegetarian, I loved my Mom's version of Welsh rarebit. Do me a favor and check out the "cheese" I make for grilled cheese sandwiches (just search my site for "grilled cheese sandwich") and see if you think a slightly thinner version of that would be the (meal) ticket. If not, I'd be happy to make a go of it. Please let me know!

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