Vegan Cucumber-Dill Spread, Dip or Sauce

I wanted to share this photo of my Vegan Cucumber-Dill Spread, Dip or Sauce recipe as a Roma tomato topper–a cooling and refreshing summer appetizer or accompaniment to a savory soup. Doesn’t it look like a little boat? Served this way, the spread is even more healthful and colorful than on bread. You could alternatively serve the spread on cucumber slices for twice as much cucumber goodness. Just make sure that, whichever slice you choose, it is thick enough to support the topping when lifted from the plate. Find the recipe in the post below or at:

Note: the spread in the photo was actually made with silken, instead of regular, tofu. It is a little softer, but it is firm enough to hold its shape quite well.
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  1. I am a cucumber addict and was so happy to read this recipe for vegan cucumber dip
    would I be able to put it on my website at all?

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