Jazzy Vegetarian Blog Talk Radio Features On-Air Guest Betsy DiJulio and The Blooming Platter Cookbook

What a fun 25 minute break from my already fun drawing and painting class!  Today I was the invited guest of the inimitable and accomplished Laura Theodore and  Jazzy Vegetarian on Blog Talk Radio, and you can read all about it HERE.  What an honor!

While my dear friend and colleague David Prescott worked with my class–he is our choral director, but has a great ear AND eye–I slipped down the hall into an administrator’s office for the live phone interview.

The articulate and engaging Laura Theodore is the most energetic and delightful host.  Her advance preparation and her wealth of knowledge (as a vegan chef, T.V. and radio host, AND award-winning jazz singer/actor) made the interview flow naturally and conversationally.  She moves with ease between a range of topics, manages the time perfectly, and exudes warmth, vibrancy and charm.

And you can catch her and The Jazzy Vegetarian later this month on Create, an invaluable public television network for, well, creative people and those who aspire to be.

Thanks to Laura for all her generous praise for The Blooming Platter Cookbook, including its “beauty”!  (To an art teacher, that’s no small thing!)  High praise from anyone fills me with gratitude, but when it comes from someone like her, it has the added bonus of the stamp of approval from a talented and influential professional in the field.  Best wishes to her in all her jazzy endeavors!

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  1. So Wednesday night, I was preparing asparagus-almond stuffed mushrooms and potato-pea samosa soup from your Blooming Platter cookbook. While I was eating, I listened to the latest episode of my favorite podcast the Jazzy Vegetarian and was pleasantly surprised to hear you while eating your yummy recipes.
    I’m also excited Laura’s coming to Create. (With that and Christina Cooks, Create is going vegan!) My parents in Michigan have the Jazzy Vegetarian TV show up there and tape episodes for me. It’s a great show.
    Keep up with the yummy recipe creation!

  2. No way, Melissa…that is some kind of synchronicity! You are so sweet to let me know. I can certainly see why the Jazzy Veg is a favorite. Laura is very special! Please tell me about Christine Cooks. I don’t know it. I actually love to watch the Cook’s Test kitchen, Tommy Tang, Ming Tsai, etc. None are vegan, but I learn a lot, especially from Cook’s about the science of cooking. I don’t know when any of the shows come on, I just occasionally catch them and feel so lucky! So cool that your parents tape Laura’s show for you. With support from great folks like you, I will certainly keep the recipes coming! I truly appreciate your taking the time to write. All the best!

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