Vegan Plum Delicious Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Yield: 3 dozen cookies A small number of almost over-ripe plums gave rise to this unusual and unusually good cookie.  The plums provide mostly moisture in addition to subtle flavor and color, not to mention added nutrition–as do the walnuts– to an otherwise decadent treat. To create this recipe, I started with my go-to brownie

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Raw Vegan Ya Ya Bars (dried plums, nuts, coconut, and melted chocolate, oh my!)

Yield: 24 squares (they are rich and dense, so I cut them smaller than usual) If you are in need of a healthy bite for graduation parties, these are your ticket!  They are non-vegan male teenager approved (and meatatarian husbands love them too)! These bars were inspired by my inimitable yoga instructor, Angela Phillips’, scrumptious “La

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