Brand New Blooming Platter Bookplates

My talented designer friend, Cae Hyrskanich, designed these custom Blooming Platter Cookbook bookplates at my request. 

Especially for folks who have purchased a book but live outside the local area, these allow me to still be able to sign and personalize the ir book s by mailing them a self-adhesive plate to adhere in the front cover or title page of their book.

Cae designed them so that I can easily print them from my inkjet printer using acid- and lignen-free adhesive-backed paper that I special ordered.

I love that each one features large flowers reminiscent of “blooming platters” along with small versions of all four of the seasonal icons used throughout the book.

Thanks, Cae, for allowing me to offer this custom feature!

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  1. Love these custom bookplates!

  2. Thank you Donna Rae–Cae is a super-special graphic designer! I’m happy to send a bookplate to anyone. Just would need a stamped self-addressed envelope. Interested folks can email me for my mailing address. Thanks for your message!

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